According to public records Speed T. Rathbun aka "Timothy" the so-called "prophet" owns property in Hastings, Nebraska. He also owns property in Greely, Colorado. This property is listed under the names *Speed T. A. Rathbun,and Amy J. Rathbun*, his wife. Average house price in the Nebraska neighborhood where Speed T. Rathbun (aka "Timothy") lives is listed as $75,300+. In Greely, Colorado, where Speed T. Rathbun (aka Timothy) apparently owns a second residence, the average price for a home there at $105,100+. This means that Speed T. Rathbun's real estate assets may be worth about $180,000+ in approximate appraised value (might be worth more now). How does the "Prophet Timothy" afford this? Timothy lives with his wife Amy and three children. Rathbun apparently has a child from a previous relationship. It's unclear what monthly child support Speed T. Rathbun (aka "Timothy") is obligated to pay. Speed "Timothy" Rathbun and his wife Amy Rathbun also co-own a publishing company in Hastings Nebraska operating since '92. This "Timothy" now generates an estimated 93,000+ a yr! Timothy has pocketed money/"tithes" from decived followers.

Now some of his faithful and naïve followers will argue that "Timothy does not take money from people",That's true to a certain extent... His website "claims" that he does not accept "money/donations"--true, random people who visit the site to read his "letters from God" will not be charged. Do you think that someone who claims to be a "prophet of God" would be that obvious especially when trying to create a following? Folks who simply follow this cult and share his letters onto social networking venues such as Facebook etc will not be charged. These people are vital to aiding his campaign.

BUT WHAT MANY OF THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT BE AWARE OF is that if you want to actually join this cult and become a member and participate in Bible studies via Skype which he calls "the lord's banquet table" certain obligations including paying Timothy thithes will eventually be required from you.The false prophet Timothy has collected thousands of dollar$+ from his close followers. He is often paid in cash so there is no paper trail. Here are a couple personal accounts from some past members of this cult:

"IF YOU ARE READING THE 'LETTERS FROM GOD AND HIS CHRIST' .... YOU NEED TO QUIT, AND READ ONLY THE HOLY BIBLE , THE SCRIPTURES OF TRUTH, there you will find the Holy Spirit, and be led into the "real" truth.... please.. I beg you, after being involved with this group for over 2 1/2 years, I was "thrown out" because it was said that I " disobeyed"... the only disobedience I showed was that I did not give mr. rathbun his "tithe' every month... which I have tithed over 20,000+ in the last two years... they are nothing but GREEDY....I have personally caught a Mr. Timothy Rathbun in 6...yes...6...different lies, and of those, the Lord led me personally to understand that this man is using the bible for his own gain, and in so doing, is going to reap the plagues on himself and those associated with him from revelations 22:18-20. Mr. Rathbun has described himself as a "prophet" for the Lord,...but I can tell you from personal involvement with this group, NOT ONE PROPHESY WHICH MR.RATHBUN EVER MADE EVER CAME TRUE"

"Members usually live at the lower socio-economic strata, not because of a lower income level, but because they are always giving money to the group for some reason."

Everything compiled here are researched documented facts. I have spoken with this past cult member. And sadly there are many more like him. I will be updating this post as I come across additional information.

God bless

(The man sitting on the steps in the middle of this picture is non other than "prophet" TIMOTHY!)

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Anonymous said...

I live in brownwood tx and some random guy walked up to me amd handed me a flyer with a letter and this is a cult....